Christmas memories Give-away

Charming Chatter is having a give-away…….

so here goes

Dear Santa

I’ve been a really good girl this year……..

I would like a “Stella Blue” quilt kit, or a Jelly Roll, or a layer cake, either one in a nice reproduction fabric please (maybe Barbara Brackman’s line of fabrics). If there isn’t enough room in your sack, then may I please have a packet of charm squares, anything you choose is fine, I trust your quilting taste

And a Christmas memory

wrapping eldest son’s presents, half an hour before going into hospital and having my second child (my first daughter)

son was amazed that we could have a baby for Christmas, AND that Santa remembered to leave presents at home while we were out…….instead of him having to be asleep in bed!!

our Christmas is sort of tight this year, stuff for the kids, and a little something for Hubby, it’s his birthday tomorrow (Christmas Eve), otherwise, bills have taken care of the funds…..and it’s not as if Santa will really leave me out…..there is usually a little something under the tree, on the bed or somewhere else I may not think of straight away

Gratitudes……yes, we have these still!!

kids are all healthy
hubby and I have been together for 10 Christmases
kids are getting (mostly) what they want
I still have a studio FULL of fabric…stay tuned for a (garage type) sale!!
we are having a traditional hot lunch…..and leftovers to last the rest of the week!! LOL


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Miss me?


in the last months I have

Lost 15+ kilos (33 pounds)

Celebrated another birthday

done almost no quilting, but I have bought loads of fabric

dumped all of my meds (with my doctors help, WOULD NOT consider doing it alone!!)

played on the internet

cleaned my studio properly

Charlie cat and Thimble rat went to animal heaven

seriously want a Janome 300E embroidery machine

made very little headway on any UFO’s, though some hand work gets done

started another quilt (Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler)

but we are OK, and gearing up for Christmas and next year….2 in high school, 3 primary, one kinder, two creche….master 17 still (somewhat) employed

and hopefully, it won’t take me 6 and a half months to post again


have a studio FULL of fabric, just waiting for me to use
everyone is healthy
continue to have a wonderful husband
handwork is available when (if ) I’m in the mood
going to guild gets me away from home!!

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How did you………

manage to marry a quilter??

I was a member of an online group in mid 1999.

I was a working mother, going to school part time, and I had 5 children (and two PITA ex’s)

Someone started posting to the list I was on. The emails were signed “paul”. “Paul” had just started a sampler quilt class close to their home…….3 suburbs from me as it turned out……

In those days, I was a outspoken and brash, and I politely enquired if the poster was a wife using her husband’s account, ………or *shock, horror* a MAN

the next post was along the lines of “male, single, heterosexual and 30………”

So, I emailed him, and we spoke for over 2 hours. I got an email picture of him (cute!!)

We met, and hit it off. Paul proposed on October 16th, 1999, and we got married on 29th February, 2000…….so we get to celebrate our anniversary every 4 years (or, according to Paul, he only gets in trouble for forgetting every 4 years)

We have doubled the size of our family, as well as having 3 angels…….

and we get some strange looks when people find out that not only does Paul quilt, he does EXQUISITE redwork……I had to get him to teach me stem-stitch…..

It’s a shame that more men don’t quilt or do some other “fine” craft………it’s a great way to share a hobby (and double the stash) LOL

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no, not me *sigh*

The HUGELY talented Calamity Kim is haveing a give-away to celebrate all things TEA!! (and the publishing of a new APRON magazine, reaturing one of her designs)

it is SO good, I had to share!!

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quick jump….

Still here. I didn’t get burnt out by the bushfires (I don’t really live in a bushfire area)

Kids are all doing well, one at high school, three at primary and one kindy kid.

The two youngest are at home, the two oldest are living away from home, and master 16 is gainfully employed.

All things considered, the kids are doing good.

Depression has flared again, it is hard to pretend that things are going well when you really don’t give a toss.

An there are some things I HAVE to do, like classes, you pay whether you attend or not.

Seriously thinking of cutting back to one class a month

And I STILL have 3 months of NPNT to get, no motivation to get it done, the shop isn’t exactly welcoming, but getting it “done, done” will be a goal this year

Like I don’t have any projects to finish….LOL

oh well!!


still have a wonderful husband
we are OK financially
we are catching up with the last of the bills!!
and I have LOTS of handwork for my “free time”

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Melting In Melbourne

ok, so the title isn’t as “catchy” as “Sleepless In Seattle”, but it’s true.

Today was over 100 degrees, and we will have more of the dame for the next few days.

Welcome to Summer. Too hot to quilt, too hot to sew. Even with air conditioning, the house is warm, and my marine tanks are sitting on 88 degrees, so it it sbout 12-15 degrees cooler in the house than outside. I can live with that.

One thing I did get the husband to do was swap the computer out of the Studio, and shelves in. The computer is relatively old, and it’s mainly used by the kids. Paul and I share a laptop. Shelves mean that I can have all but 4!! of my stash and project boxes off the floor.

And the Studio looks SO much better!!

On another note, I cannot find the “right” border for my Scrappy Bargello. None of the fabrics I pulled fit, either too short, or not enough pattern repeats across the fabric. :>(

So, I have to get a “quickie” quilt finished by the end of the month. And I have 3 quilts to finish too, one for PP on the 4th of February, one by the end of February, and one that I have had since about the end of October.

I really must get them done, maybe late nights are in order, surely it will cool off a little……..


air conditioning, 12 degrees of cool is a LOT
nearly the end of Summer Vacation
Kids back at school next week
Summer doesn’t last forever
enjoying reading blogs when it’s too hot to sew

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I am committed to another challenge this year. Will add a link when I get the code right :>(

I am also trying to go through just one tub/box per week in the studio. I found my SB quilt!! now I need to pick the *right* box and (re)find the borders.

Have I ever told you I LOVE rats?? The domestic pet type, not the wild and rabid things of horror movies? I find their tails especially fascinating, they are most expressive and curl about wonderfully.

AND….the tank has fish!! I emptied my 3 foot and nano (little) tank, and the fish are all settled in. Unfortunately, I’m battling white spot in the other tank, so those fish will have to stay where they are for the moment.

Anyway, have to go and pack for tomorrow, Saturday PhD (Projects half Done) class. Taking my inch and a half strips to get more of my scrappy quilt done *only* need 300 6 inch squares!!


I found more scraps to cut up for my scrap bins
Lots of patterns “out there” to use the strips
Paul is still driving me around, don’t like the freeways
Master 16 is finally job seeking, albeit reluctantly
all the kids are healthy (touch wood)

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