Well……I thought things were going OK…..

July 6, 2008 at 12:35 am Leave a comment

No pictures…..unless you want to see our roof??

Since my birthday, things were beginning to look up.

On Friday, I got up very early (OK, so early for me is normal for most people) and rode to the Avalon, Victoria airport to wave off DD (19) to her new life four weeks with her boyfriend. One and a half hours out of Sydney, somewhere near the Blue Mountains I think. It is a trial, and if it goes well, she will be moving permanently to New South Wales. 

Today, Dh took us for a drive to a quilt store called Amitie Textiles.  We were actualy going to the Miniatures store Milsims…it’s a store that sells the miniature figures for Fantasy tabletop wargaming….I have no clue, Dh and master 12 were happy though.

Had a nanna nap this afternoon.  While I was asleep, the roof guy came to quote fixing the roof after we lost the tiles in the storm.

We need to get at least the grout/cement?? in the WHOLE roof redone.  “ABOUT” $7000………..

The kicker is that the company that built our house 8 years ago have told us that the roof was ONLY guaranteed for 6 and a half years (did I mention that last time?)

That, the heating repair and the new oven, will top $9000.

We are on a fixed income.  We are not able to re-finance the house (being on govt. payment means that we have no *real* income in the eyes of the bank)

So….now I feel guilty and selfish, that I spent money on some Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

Tomorrow will be spent trying to figure out what we can do without for the rest of the year, including NO NEW FISH for the tank. 

AND….we will use the Family Allowance top up (that we were going to use to spiff up the kitchen , including the luxury of a dishwasher)and get as much done  with that instead.

Oh, the bus is WAY overdue for a service too….will need that for the trip to Mildura at Christmas :>(

Wish me luck, I thought the finances were turning a corner, looks like the corner ran into a dead end.


We STILL have a house
MOST of the roof is keeping the rain and wind out
DH bought a little heater, so the front room is warm-ish
ALL the beds have quilts on them(as well as doonas)
I have a GREAT excuse reason to complete Peg’s July challenge


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Happy Birthday to me……and a rant Just a quick note

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