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Christmas Passed

Well, Christmas has gone for another year.

We had a good day, much food was consumed, and master 5 ended his day with a tummy upset.

one word of warning…….Singstar (a karaoke game on the Sony Playstation 2) is highly addictive.

I finished the one quilt I had aimed to (a quilt that was due in August!!) and the recipient seems pleased with it, will post a picture when I am sent one.

I am not making any New Years’ Resolutions, I am trying to reduce the stress that I feel, not induce it.

and have put the last seam in block 25 of my “home quilt”

I have made a start on the Snugly Bugly BOM. I bought it a couple of years ago and got discouraged with one of the fabrics in pack one.

So……I have started at block 2!!

Haven’t sewn much else, but we are heading back to Melbourne tomorrow, and I have a queue of quilts waiting for me and Ethel to work our magic on.


Not too much went wrong on Christmas day
I have a bit of hand work prepped
It’s nearly a New Year, and things have to get better.
My extended family liked their presents (I really DO struggle with this)
My husband still loves me, long story………


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Quilts and other musings

I am a poor correspondant

It’s been over 3 months between postings, anyone would have thought that I had abandoned this blog

The usual family stuff going on. I have started a few new projects, done a little on some others, and ignored the rest due to “motivational deficiency”, or “Can’t Be Bothered Syndrome”

I found a new (to me) blog tonight, and it got me thinking. Decaf quilts wrote about what she calls her “Home Quilt”.

I finally “Get It”. It’s not about how many quilts I start, or how many quilts I finish.

I am a quilter, it’s what I do and an important part of what makes me who I am. I make two kinds of quilts and I have (at last) realised that both sorts of quilts show my kids that I love them.

I machine piece every day quilts. These are the quilts my kids will remember best. Quilts that I make for each of them, or the sofa, to be loved and worn out. The quilts that start on beds, turn into cubby houses, tents, or whatever their imaginations can make them.

Second are my versions of the “Home Quilt”, the few that may never be complete, hand pieced, perhaps appliqued, but with much time and love put into them. The heirlooms. Quiet time quilts. A different set of memories are sewn into them……..from when I had a little spare time, while I was waiting…….in the doctor’s office, at sport events, while the kids read or did homework, or even late at night, when the house was quiet, and I couldn’t sleep

Whether these quilts are made up of tiny pieces, carefully co-ordinated and placed in precise order, or seemingly random scraps sewn together to create the whole, both of these methods work for their respective quilts. And they help make memories for my family.

I have no pictures to post, no new quilts finished (of mine at least)….and it’s nearly Christmas, so I will close with………


readers who have gotten this far
my family, they take me “as is”, on the good and not-so good days
my chauffer (Paul, my husband). He drops everythings to take me anywhere, and encourages whatever hair-brained idea I get……even cutting for a quilt at 2 am!!
my quilt groups, although I might turn up most of the way through the session, there is always a cup of tea/coffee
late night TV… might not be great, but it’s company (and I even admit to liking info-mercials)

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