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Melting In Melbourne

ok, so the title isn’t as “catchy” as “Sleepless In Seattle”, but it’s true.

Today was over 100 degrees, and we will have more of the dame for the next few days.

Welcome to Summer. Too hot to quilt, too hot to sew. Even with air conditioning, the house is warm, and my marine tanks are sitting on 88 degrees, so it it sbout 12-15 degrees cooler in the house than outside. I can live with that.

One thing I did get the husband to do was swap the computer out of the Studio, and shelves in. The computer is relatively old, and it’s mainly used by the kids. Paul and I share a laptop. Shelves mean that I can have all but 4!! of my stash and project boxes off the floor.

And the Studio looks SO much better!!

On another note, I cannot find the “right” border for my Scrappy Bargello. None of the fabrics I pulled fit, either too short, or not enough pattern repeats across the fabric. :>(

So, I have to get a “quickie” quilt finished by the end of the month. And I have 3 quilts to finish too, one for PP on the 4th of February, one by the end of February, and one that I have had since about the end of October.

I really must get them done, maybe late nights are in order, surely it will cool off a little……..


air conditioning, 12 degrees of cool is a LOT
nearly the end of Summer Vacation
Kids back at school next week
Summer doesn’t last forever
enjoying reading blogs when it’s too hot to sew


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I am committed to another challenge this year. Will add a link when I get the code right :>(

I am also trying to go through just one tub/box per week in the studio. I found my SB quilt!! now I need to pick the *right* box and (re)find the borders.

Have I ever told you I LOVE rats?? The domestic pet type, not the wild and rabid things of horror movies? I find their tails especially fascinating, they are most expressive and curl about wonderfully.

AND….the tank has fish!! I emptied my 3 foot and nano (little) tank, and the fish are all settled in. Unfortunately, I’m battling white spot in the other tank, so those fish will have to stay where they are for the moment.

Anyway, have to go and pack for tomorrow, Saturday PhD (Projects half Done) class. Taking my inch and a half strips to get more of my scrappy quilt done *only* need 300 6 inch squares!!


I found more scraps to cut up for my scrap bins
Lots of patterns “out there” to use the strips
Paul is still driving me around, don’t like the freeways
Master 16 is finally job seeking, albeit reluctantly
all the kids are healthy (touch wood)

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All is quiet on New Year’s Day

How did your New Year begin??

Paul and I sat up and watched movies on tv. “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” followed by “Xanadu”

Dolly Parton and Olivia Newton-John, two great singers, and two great movies.

The novelty of the Christmas presents have worn off, and things are back to what passes for normal around here.

In other news….my new fish tank is up and running. Unfortunately, I bought a 6 foot long tank (on ebay) and when I got it delivered, it was *only* a five foot.

Still an impressive sight in the front room. I need to let it run for a few more days to settle, and then I can move in my fish from my other tanks.

and….*shock*, *horror*…..quilting content!! I joinded a group called Stash Quilters. They have a challenge of sorts. It’s all about finishng our UFO’s

The first step is to find, list and number 11 UFO’s.

On the first of the month, one number is drawn, and we work on that project. Today #3 was chosen.

My #3 is a Scrappy Bargello

I began sewing this quilt about this time last year, and the centre section is done. I only used cat fabric from my stash. The pattern called for 126 strips. I started cutting strips from my FQ’s. No repeats, and A LOT of FQ’s are left in the cat fabric stash!! 

All it needs now are borders and quilting (binding and a label too, of course) I have fabric picked out for a solid border (more cat fabric) instead of the braid

So, now we are all caught up………


Having SO much fabric “on hand”
Being able to quilt my own quilts
having a supportive family (even when they are arguing)
Blogging, and sharing what I do
joining a list of like-minded quilters

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