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How did you………

manage to marry a quilter??

I was a member of an online group in mid 1999.

I was a working mother, going to school part time, and I had 5 children (and two PITA ex’s)

Someone started posting to the list I was on. The emails were signed “paul”. “Paul” had just started a sampler quilt class close to their home…….3 suburbs from me as it turned out……

In those days, I was a outspoken and brash, and I politely enquired if the poster was a wife using her husband’s account, ………or *shock, horror* a MAN

the next post was along the lines of “male, single, heterosexual and 30………”

So, I emailed him, and we spoke for over 2 hours. I got an email picture of him (cute!!)

We met, and hit it off. Paul proposed on October 16th, 1999, and we got married on 29th February, 2000…….so we get to celebrate our anniversary every 4 years (or, according to Paul, he only gets in trouble for forgetting every 4 years)

We have doubled the size of our family, as well as having 3 angels…….

and we get some strange looks when people find out that not only does Paul quilt, he does EXQUISITE redwork……I had to get him to teach me stem-stitch…..

It’s a shame that more men don’t quilt or do some other “fine” craft………it’s a great way to share a hobby (and double the stash) LOL


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