All is quiet on New Year’s Day

How did your New Year begin??

Paul and I sat up and watched movies on tv. “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” followed by “Xanadu”

Dolly Parton and Olivia Newton-John, two great singers, and two great movies.

The novelty of the Christmas presents have worn off, and things are back to what passes for normal around here.

In other news….my new fish tank is up and running. Unfortunately, I bought a 6 foot long tank (on ebay) and when I got it delivered, it was *only* a five foot.

Still an impressive sight in the front room. I need to let it run for a few more days to settle, and then I can move in my fish from my other tanks.

and….*shock*, *horror*…..quilting content!! I joinded a group called Stash Quilters. They have a challenge of sorts. It’s all about finishng our UFO’s

The first step is to find, list and number 11 UFO’s.

On the first of the month, one number is drawn, and we work on that project. Today #3 was chosen.

My #3 is a Scrappy Bargello

I began sewing this quilt about this time last year, and the centre section is done. I only used cat fabric from my stash. The pattern called for 126 strips. I started cutting strips from my FQ’s. No repeats, and A LOT of FQ’s are left in the cat fabric stash!! 

All it needs now are borders and quilting (binding and a label too, of course) I have fabric picked out for a solid border (more cat fabric) instead of the braid

So, now we are all caught up………


Having SO much fabric “on hand”
Being able to quilt my own quilts
having a supportive family (even when they are arguing)
Blogging, and sharing what I do
joining a list of like-minded quilters


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Christmas Passed

Well, Christmas has gone for another year.

We had a good day, much food was consumed, and master 5 ended his day with a tummy upset.

one word of warning…….Singstar (a karaoke game on the Sony Playstation 2) is highly addictive.

I finished the one quilt I had aimed to (a quilt that was due in August!!) and the recipient seems pleased with it, will post a picture when I am sent one.

I am not making any New Years’ Resolutions, I am trying to reduce the stress that I feel, not induce it.

and have put the last seam in block 25 of my “home quilt”

I have made a start on the Snugly Bugly BOM. I bought it a couple of years ago and got discouraged with one of the fabrics in pack one.

So……I have started at block 2!!

Haven’t sewn much else, but we are heading back to Melbourne tomorrow, and I have a queue of quilts waiting for me and Ethel to work our magic on.


Not too much went wrong on Christmas day
I have a bit of hand work prepped
It’s nearly a New Year, and things have to get better.
My extended family liked their presents (I really DO struggle with this)
My husband still loves me, long story………

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Quilts and other musings

I am a poor correspondant

It’s been over 3 months between postings, anyone would have thought that I had abandoned this blog

The usual family stuff going on. I have started a few new projects, done a little on some others, and ignored the rest due to “motivational deficiency”, or “Can’t Be Bothered Syndrome”

I found a new (to me) blog tonight, and it got me thinking. Decaf quilts wrote about what she calls her “Home Quilt”.

I finally “Get It”. It’s not about how many quilts I start, or how many quilts I finish.

I am a quilter, it’s what I do and an important part of what makes me who I am. I make two kinds of quilts and I have (at last) realised that both sorts of quilts show my kids that I love them.

I machine piece every day quilts. These are the quilts my kids will remember best. Quilts that I make for each of them, or the sofa, to be loved and worn out. The quilts that start on beds, turn into cubby houses, tents, or whatever their imaginations can make them.

Second are my versions of the “Home Quilt”, the few that may never be complete, hand pieced, perhaps appliqued, but with much time and love put into them. The heirlooms. Quiet time quilts. A different set of memories are sewn into them……..from when I had a little spare time, while I was waiting…….in the doctor’s office, at sport events, while the kids read or did homework, or even late at night, when the house was quiet, and I couldn’t sleep

Whether these quilts are made up of tiny pieces, carefully co-ordinated and placed in precise order, or seemingly random scraps sewn together to create the whole, both of these methods work for their respective quilts. And they help make memories for my family.

I have no pictures to post, no new quilts finished (of mine at least)….and it’s nearly Christmas, so I will close with………


readers who have gotten this far
my family, they take me “as is”, on the good and not-so good days
my chauffer (Paul, my husband). He drops everythings to take me anywhere, and encourages whatever hair-brained idea I get……even cutting for a quilt at 2 am!!
my quilt groups, although I might turn up most of the way through the session, there is always a cup of tea/coffee
late night TV… might not be great, but it’s company (and I even admit to liking info-mercials)

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Getting older.

When I was little, time was something that dragged on, everything was SO far assway, my birthday was eons from christmas, I might have been on the earthm wanting to get to the moon

Age gives me another perspective. 

My eldest daughter moved out of home over 2 months ago.

Two weeks ago, my third son turned 5, this Saturday, second daughter is 11, and two days later second son turns 16 (he will be away at school “camp”, the Gold Coast, Queensland)

It seems a short time ago I was giving my second son his 5th birthday present, shortly after I had given birth to my daughter.

Miss nearly three wants to use the toilet, miss 20 months wants to do the same thing her big sister does.

My “babies” are growing up far too fast!!

….and soon it will be Christmas.  I bought 4 sets of presents today……getting ahead of the game

I have 4 quilts queued up to quilt on the short arm, so that’s the next thing to do.

….oh, and I was supposed to have master 5’s quilt finished for his birthday……and two more finished for this weekend……..

time isn’t getting away from me, not even flying, it is going at lightspeed!!  LOL

have made a little progress on the “Insanity” quilt, added another 30 hexagons.


I have a LOT of fabric on hand
all my children are healthy
I can finish quilts easily
children are looking forwards to their birthdays
we can afford their wants

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I need help…..a “charm drive”

I know, 2 posts in as many days is unheard of!!

I have just picked up the “Insanity” quilt……after a long down time.

Just a re-cap for new readers.

This is the quilt

In January, 2008 Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine, (volume 16, #6)  published the pattern.

It has 10,339 hexagons  in it.  Each hex measures half an inch per side.

there are 158 losenge shapes and 64 traditional GFG type flowers, plus a gazillion white, pink and randomly placed hexagons.

I started my version on February first

So far I have 61 losenges and 23 flowers made, and most of these are joined

But, I need more shapes, I have this crazy idea that each losenge or flower should be a different print

Now comes the help……if any bloggers have random 4 or 5 inch  30’s repro charm squares that they no longer need, I would be grateful.

A four inch square gives me 9 hexs, a five inch square is 16 hex’s

…….and, just for fun, I will make this a competition.

Anyone who participates in the “charm drive” will go into a draw to win either a jelly roll or layer cake.

everyone who leaves a comment, requests my snail mail addy, sends their charms will go into the draw.

I’ll use a random # generator on the 15th of September to select a winner.

hope this is clear………


getting back into my quilting
blogging, makes my world so much larger
family drama-rama seems over
friendship groups get me out of the house
my husband….for putting up with the lot of us

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Where does teh time go?

Well, I managed to complete 2 bindings for Peg’s July Challenge

The family are all well, but there have been dramas…..not going to air them here, but it has been an “interesting” time

Now we are nearing the middle of August……

one thing I did do, have started the first block of a Noah’s ark quilt, when I find a link I’ll post it.

Not much else, am working off a laptop, and it annoys me.

So I will end here, and put my list of gratitudes in the next post

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Just a quick note

I have completed 2!! of the “finish five by the end of July”

and pop over to Alisons’ blog to see a fabulous quilt in progress (the quilter is Alisons’ daughter!!)

anyways, have to dash, have name tags to make for me and the DH!!   LOL

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